Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weeks 3 and 4.....Tango Mango and Oreo Cream

So week 3 we had tango mango or mango tango (I keep confusing the name) Either way, I wouldn't want this one again.... I give it a 2.... it didn't make me puke, but if that was the only ice cream in the fridge, or at a party, i'd take a pass on ice cream.  Cody was kinder and gave it a 3.  He would eat it again if it was free, but wouldn't pay even $1.00 for a scoop again!!!

(* * * _ _ _ _ _ _) 
{i've decided to overlap the star and the blank when we disagree, to show both ratings}

Week 4 was MUCH better!  This week we had Oreo and Cream (or Oreo IceCream, again we have a bit of a name discrepancy)  We both LOVED this one!  We're going so far as to give this one a 10 out of 10... Meaning, we could eat this flavor everyday for the rest of our lives, and be okay with it!  I mean, come on... it's oreos and ice cream... what's not to love???

(* * * * * * * * * *)