Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 2... Cherry Cheesecake

So, it's week 2 of our Baskin Robbins tour... and this week we had Strawberry Cheesecake.  Okay, okay, so we were supposed to have rainbow sherbert, but we both voted that one down :D
Yeah, please ignore the wording there, this was the first picture i found of it, and i'm feeling kinda lazy tonight.

So, for this one, we had a minor difference in opinions... although we both liked it.

Cody gave it a 9 outta 10 stars... I only gave it 7 outta 10 (wasn't so crazy about the cheesecake chunks)

So overall, it gets (********_ _ )  8 outta 10 stars... not too shabby :D

Now dessert time is over, it's time for us to get busy on this house, trying to get it company ready.  Wait til he finds out that tomorrow he has to clean up the back yard!  A whole winter's worth of german shepherd... Poor kid  :D

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  1. so ummm... would that "visit" be from us coming up? If so... where's the rest of the weeks of taste testing?????? Curious minds want to know!