Thursday, August 18, 2011


Got so much nothing going on :)  Becoming more active on Ravelry... at least as a lurker!  I'm relearning how to play piano, trying to get into shape, needle working where i can, be it cross-stitch or crotchet. Also put in a very small garden this year.  Planted some Better Boy tomatoes, which everyone has been raving about :D and a few cucumbers (which are about the size of my fingers right now) and a few green beans, which are giving me about a serving size at a time ;) Been spending weekends with my sister-in-law's at their place in the country, which is just heaven to me!
Getting geared up for my son to start high school this year.  yikes.  Yeah, that's about it for now :)  More later, need to get some sleep before work in the morning

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