Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Home!!!

I'm so excited about our new home.  We've gotten started on some of the projects already.

The wallpaper is down in the kitchen, and it's almost ready to be painted.  I still need to take down the glass-doors from the cabinets.  They currently  have brass hinges, and I want to change to the brushed nickel.  We're looking at putting in the marble tile in the kitchen.  It's been sitting waiting to be used for years.  We may just have to wait on that though, as there are other more pressing needs. This is the tile->

I have 3 colors of grays in mind. Using Behr Paints, the walls and cabinets will be Silver Screen, the doors will be Quietude, and the faceplate above the cabinets will be Pewter Mug.  I will also be using the Pewter Mug in the dining area, and using Quietude on the doors to the pantry in the dining room as well, to help both seperate and tie the rooms together, since that part is an open floor plan.

In the Living room, and down the hallway, I want to use French Castle, which is a warm, almost rosy tan/taupe.  (hard to describe, but it's beautiful).  One of the walls in the living room is covered floor to ceiling with mirrors, and you can see the hallway from almost anywhere in there, so thought it would be best to continue with the same color there.  We have a sage green couch that will go in there, along with a nice curio cabinet.  It will be the more formal livingroom.  Since the mirrors already have the brass around them,

The Bathroom has a large countertop with beiges and browns, so in there I will paint the walls with Classic.  Another warm brown, but one not so dark that it will turn the room into a cave.  I think I'd like to get the accesorries in an aqua/light blue... we'll see.

In our Bedroom, we will be using Wine Frost, a gorgeous purple, on the walls.  We'll be keeping our tan bedspread and some greens to keep it from being TOO girly for Lanny ;)

Cody's wanting a black room, so we've compromised with grey (he hasn't picked out which gray yet), and one black wall, that I can't see from the hallway :P

Amber, on the opposite end of things, has picked out Limeade and Songbird... a Very vibrant green and blue.  But again with the compromise, we're going with white walls, accenting with these colors.  Angelia gave me the idea of using the colors to put heart-beat striping with these around the walls, and Amber loved the idea.  She'll have a loft bed, with bean bag chairs beneath.  We already have a white dresser, so I'm thinking we'll continue the heartbeat pattern on the drawers of the dresser to jazz it up a bit.

I'm way excited about all of this, so happy to finally be able to make a home.  I'm making my paint shopping list today, and I'll have Lanny pick up the paints tomorrow while I'm at work, so we can get started when I get home.  We bought a paint sprayer, and have coated the basement in white already.

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